Sunday, May 29, 2016

What Makes a Good Lifeboat Service Technician

You are looking yet another potential for lifeboat service technician. While other lifeboat service companies have already established their presence as a well established team of experts who provide exceptional lifeboat maintenance and testing of lifeboats, you are still in the process of hiring the right person for davit inspections and helping maritime operators to keep people safe. Unfortunately, the last technicians did not work out well and, you really want to get the right man this time. So, what should you be looking for? What makes a good lifeboat servicing technician?

1. Skills. The ideal candidate must possess the basic skills like recognized qualification in Mechanical or Engineering studies. Likewise, good command of the English language, whether spoken or written, is necessary. Is he physically fit to work irregular hours when faced with urgent jobs? Is he also willing to travel even at short notice?

2. Results orientation. The mindset or ability to get things done is one of the qualities that make up a good lifeboat service technician. Being result-oriented means to focus on making things happen and there are no excuses. The person realizes the obstacles or challenges that he will face in completing a task but he remains focused to deliver a high quality solution on time. To know if the person is results oriented, you may ask him questions such as, “How do you start a project, big or small?” or “Do you wait for your supervisor or manager for directions or you take the initiative to do it?” Success is based on results, not just by the time you put in.

3. Versatility. The job of a lifeboat technician is not easy. He must possess a variety of skills, from lifeboat maintenance to repair. A “can do” attitude is also a plus. Not all the time that the service technician will just work on a single task. He should be willing to adapt to changing assignments when necessary. So, hire someone who is flexible, can respond quickly, and consistently perform duties even beyond their job description.

4. Customer orientation. The job demands working with different persons and each individual has a distinct personality. Not everyone is easy to please. Hence, a lifeboat repair man has to have a positive view when working with others especially those who complain over and over again even when the solution is already apparent. Look for someone who has the patience and dedication to listen and understand customers. It is the responsibility of a service technician to help your clients feel good about their working relationship with your company.

5. Priorities. The ability of a person to set priorities is beneficial not only to himself but also to the company. His ability to prioritize tasks and complete them in the desired time frame makes the business flow smooth sailing. Moreover, there is an optimum use of resources and effective use of time. Hiring the technician who knows how to prioritize also gives you peace of mind. You do not have to worry if he will be able to deliver the task on time because for sure, he will.
Let’s face the fact that you don’t have the luxury of time to go over the applications for lifeboat technician. So, consider these five qualities and in an instant, you will find the right person you need in your team.

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